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SMSONE’s citizen engagement portal is a collection of mobile, web and VAS tools that enable institutions in the public and private sector to interact with their customers or the general public to collect information and get feedback on service delivery among other uses

The Citizen’s Engagement Portal can be access via the web, desktop and mobile app, and is integrated with third party telcos for SMS, USSD and payments, where this functionality may be required. Some of our clients who use this system have been able to realized better engagement and receive direct feedback


Institutions in the public and private sector that serve clients or have a requirement to interface with the general public are always have a problem of how to handle the two-way communication and the process of getting feedback. For a feedback system to be effective, it needs to be readily accessible, cheap, reliable and provide anonymity for candour. This is why SMSONE design this system



Key Features

  • DASHBOARD & REPORTS: Authorized users can access management dashboards & customized reports
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: The system allows admins to create polls and surveys with only a few clicks
  • PRIVACY: Schools get SMS & email notifications for registration, fines and payments
  • MULTI-CHANNEL: Users can submit feedback via SMS, USSD, web, mobile app channels.
  • CUSTOM SETTINGS: Administrator have access to customize the system for suitability
  • ROLE-BASED CONTROL: Admins can assign the minimum privileges a user needs to do their work
  • AUDIT LOG: read-only audit trail of all activities on the system. Who did what, where, when

Key Benefits

  • EFFIENCY: Because the channels are always on, feedback can sent any time - day or night.
  • DIGITAL REGISTRATION: Easy access to labour records because of digitization
  • COST BENEFIT: Digitization dramatically reduced the cost of administering labour
  • ALERTS & NOTICES: The system can generate real-time SMS & email notifications & alerts.
  • INVOICING & PAYMENT: Direct integration with banks for real-time settlement of payments
  • REVENUE STREAMS: Automation and digitization has allows you to unlock new revenue streams
  • SECURITY: The Role-based access control enhances of private data via a secure interface
  • AUDIT LOG: read-only audit trail of all activities on the system. Who did what, where, when



Case Study: Citizen Engagement

Kampala City Council Authority is the entity charged with managed the affairs of Kampala City.

Kampala City Council Authority uses our solution to collect, collate and analyse data about waste management in the city.