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Case Study: Telecom & VAS, Uganda

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Telecom connectivity and VAS services


With growth in subscriber base and usage of telco services, the need for innovative and profitable services is increasing every day. Clients throughout East Africa are struggling to understand how to connect and integrate with mobile payment and VAS platforms at the telco networks.

SMSONE has always delivered reliable solutions, so these clients always look to us for solutions.


When clients approach SMSONE for telco and VAS services, they want to achieve connectivity with telcos for payments and VAS services. They expect services that are fit for purposes, reliable and affordable.


Since 2007, SMSONE has worked with leading telco operators around to deliver voice, messaging, payment and Value Added Services to millions of customers around East Africa. Our products and services are custom-built to enable our clients to achieve maximum ROI.


Companies that use our Telco & VAS services:

  • Achieve real-time telco integration
  • Reduce transaction costs to a minimal
  • Increase Accountability and transparency
  • We unlock hidden integration opportunities


Project Highlights

  • Client: Various - Uganda
  • Location: Kampala, Uganda
  • Category: Various
  • Completed: Ongoing

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