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Case Study: Total, Uganda

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Distribution & Retail Information Management System (DRIMS)


As a leader in the petroleum sector in Uganda, Total uses an extensive network of distributors and retailers to serve its clients. Total’s challenge was that it couldn’t understand areas that were overstocked vs understocked; It also couldn’t predict and anticipate order quantifies and also had issues of cash handling and settlement.

Total approached SMSONE to design a cutting edge system to automate its distribution and retail chain.


Total wanted to increase efficiency in the order management and fulfilment process, enable optimal stock management and redistribution as well as introduce a transparent invoicing and payment mechanism to reduce of the risky practice of leaving cash in the hands of retailers longer than necessary..


SMSONE approached the task with an exhaustive consultation processes to understand and map the key business processes. Based on this consultation, SMSONE designed and built a mobile and web-based system using opensource technologies to overcome Total’s challenges.


As a result of using the system:

  • Real-time access to order information
  • Improved order and manufacture process
  • Increased accountability and transparency
  • Dramatic improvment in stock redistribution
  • Increased confidence in the Total brand
  • Reduction in cash related incidents
  • Total regained its position in the market
  • Increased sales because the correct stock



Project Highlights

  • Client: Total - Uganda
  • Location: Kampala, Uganda
  • Category: Retail
  • Completed: November, 2017

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