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Case Study: Payment Integration, Uganda

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Real-time Bank and Mobile money payment integration


Institutions, both in the public and private sector in East Africa are embracing digital or electronic channels to serve their clients. This has created a huge need for integration of payment channels that are robust, reliable and instant.

These institutions relay on SMSONE’s robust payment gateway to design custom-fit solutions that integrate natively and link core systems with banks, mobile money and other payment channels.


In selecting and approaching SMSONE, these clients’ objective remains to have a full-stack integrated platforms that make visibility and accountability of payments via real-time reporting interfaces.


SMSONE has a delivered a number of payment integration and gateway solutions to a number of clients. These solutions are always fit-for-purpose and take customer feedback, existing systems in consideration. We leverage existing links to banks and mobile money platforms to deliver expeditiously.


As a results of using our payment solutions:

  • Clients are happier with real-time payments
  • 100% visibility of money trail is now a reality
  • Real-time reconciliation for payments
  • Accountability and transparency increased
  • Service delivery improvement drastically
  • Revenue Assurance is now easier to do
  • E-payments unlocked new payment channels
  • Increased sales and client satisfaction


Project Highlights

  • Client: Various - Uganda
  • Location: Kampala, Uganda
  • Category: Various
  • Completed: Ongoing

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