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Case Study: Media Monitoring, Uganda

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Real-time Media Monitoring and Alerts


Companies and Ad agencies around East Africa are spending more money today to position their brands strategically. However, they all struggle with the issue of value for money on ads. Specifically, they have no way to tell if their Ad played on which media (radio & TV) and also to get notification and alerts.

These clients turn to SMSONE for its unique value proposition in media monitoring and alerts.


In selecting and approaching SMSONE, these clients’ objective remains to have full visibility and accountability of money spent on advertising, by ensuring that they hold media owners accountable for playing or not playing and to help them optimize and reallocate on ad spend.


SMSONE delivers media monitoring and playback capabilities that enables these companies to see value for money. The Media Monitoring platform is a web-based real time system that allows advertisers to login and securely monitor the performance of their media campaigns on radio and TV.


As a results of using our solution:

  • Clients are happier with real-time reports
  • 100% visibility of Ad spend is now a reality
  • Media owners deliver because they are watched
  • Our reports inform ad spend optimization
  • Unlimited access to play back for evidence
  • General advertising landscape has changed

EEMIS Launch

Project Highlights

  • Client: Various - Uganda
  • Location: Kampala, Uganda
  • Category: Various
  • Completed: Ongoing

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