With the advent of new media, it has become critical for financial institutions to maintain strong relationships with their customers.

SMSONE’s product offering is enabling financial institutions in Uganda to utilize the latest standards and technology to deliver efficient and better customer care.

Some applications of our product offering in the banking/financial institutions space include:

  • – Alerts, Notifications and reminders: Avail clients with notifications of activities on their bank accounts like withdrawals, deposits, send alerts on low accout balance, completed wire transfers, new charges to mention but a few.
  • – Account Management: Avail clients with the possibility of being able to manage their accounts through SMS, IVR, USSD etc. Clients can quickly check their minimum balance, transfer money, request a statement and more.
  • – Bill payment, transfer and transactions
  • – Bulk Calls: Using our TIMO IVR product, a financial institution can carry out campaigns of mass outgoing calls (telemarketing). The product can also enable the institution to optimize the operation of it’s contact center by automating the whole call center experience, connecting clients with only the personnel they need to talk to and keeping the call center operational 24/7

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