With the advent of new media, it has become critical for financial institutions to maintain strong relationships with their customers. SMSONE’s product offering is enabling financial institutions in Uganda to utilize the latest standards and technology to deliver efficient and better customer care. Some applications of our product offering in the banking/financial institutions space include: […]


Healthcare providers of all kinds can use SMSONE’s solutions, mainly SMS and IVR products to offer convenient, automated access to information. Research labs, hospitals, clinics to mention but a few can use our solutions. Sample applications of our solutions can include: – Patient notifications: You can deliver time sensitive information regarding patient medication reminders, labwork […]

Mobile Carriers

Major mobile operators in East Africa use SMSONE to improve the way they serve and engage with customers. We provide digital content requirements for a number of mobile network operators in the East African region. SMSONE’s digital content provisions include CRBT and information services. Our team is looking to improve digital content and information services […]