We offer a robust platform with a number of features that is cost effective, robust and extremely resilient. Our platform has strengths in the following deployments:

a) USSD Gateway

SMSONE offers standalone USSD gateways that might be used by third parties’ mobile applications to launch USSD Services. This platform includes an open XML interface for easy development of USSD Services.

Our gateway integrates with all the major GSM Networks in Uganda, supporting multiple connections, redundancy and load sharing.

USSD interactions can be used for banking services and money transfer, as a medium for prepaid top up and callback services, subscription based services, chat services, push services to the user enabling a service provider to offer USSD based news, weather, sports, quiz etc

Products, pricing and terms of payment are adapted to our customer’s needs.

b) IVR

SMSONE has a powerful, 100% standards based platform (TIMO) for speech, IVR, and SIP VoIP applications.

Built natively on VOIP protocols, TIMO integrates very well in call centers and legacy telephony systems providing the ability to deploy inbound and outbound interactive voice response applications (IVR), web based centralized reporting and management, integrated billing on the major networks in East Africa, integration with ease into your own databases, processes, existing applications and 24×7 support from SMSONE.

Applications of TIMO include speech driven IVR, IP-PBX solutions, IP call center solutions, telephone surveys, virtual receptionists, IVR based competitions, Bulk Voice calls, to mention but a few.

TIMO is available in SMSONE’s hosted cloud reducing your total cost of ownership

C) SMS Aggregation

SMSONE has direct SMPP connections to the major operator networks in East Africa.

Aggregation services from us come with an API that one can use for integration into their application. The API has the following features:

  • – Two way SMS functionality
  • – Custom Sender IDs
  • – Delivery tracking of your SMS Campaign
  • – Fast SMS delivery

One can choose from HTTP to SMS, SMTP to SMS, SOAP, SMPP

SMSONE aggregation services come with a flexible payment plan depending on one’s requirements.

d) Web Hosting

Our service offering includes reseller hosting where you can make money with your own web hosting business, VPS hosting where you have dedicated functionality for your website and dedicated server hosting, domain name registration at affordable rates for both local and international domains.

Our hosting services traverse a number of platforms, which include Windows, Linux and Unix hosting.

SMSONE website hosting service offering is not only about hosting, it comes with a variety of business tools/services to enhance your web visibility at a reduced price that includes Mobile website creation, Search engine optimization and contract management software.

Our service offering is highly redundant and very reliable.

Contact us today for your unique webhosting requirements

e) WAP Gateway