Digital Marketing

Despite our core focus, we are also a new media company, focusing on helping organisations create strong digital communication on mobile and web using social media and other online channels. We work with your brand to create strong campaigns and long-term communication strategies on new media. In the digital era, the marketing message can be transformed into […]

Content As a Service

Music With proven experience in mobile content, we are in position to ensure your content is effectively distributed on Mobile. Music, ringtones, wallpapers, text are just part of the story SMSONE has more than 80% of the local Ugandan music digital redistribution rights. We distribute this content as Caller Ring Back Tones on all major […]

Application Development

As businesses strive to differentiate themselves, building custom software solutions is one way of providing a unique advantage to the business. However, this can come at a price. Building custom enterprise application is part of what we do at SMSONE. We have helped a number of organisations build custom applications most especially those that make […]


We offer a robust platform with a number of features that is cost effective, robust and extremely resilient. Our platform has strengths in the following deployments: a) USSD Gateway SMSONE offers standalone USSD gateways that might be used by third parties’ mobile applications to launch USSD Services. This platform includes an open XML interface for […]


SMSONE has a powerful, 100% standards based platform (TIMO) for speech, IVR, and SIP VoIP applications. Built natively on VOIP protocols, TIMO integrates very well in call centers and legacy telephony systems providing the ability to deploy inbound and outbound interactive voice response applications (IVR), web based centralized reporting and management, integrated billing on the […]


SMS is an effective communication tool and it’s usage cannot be disputed. SMS is device agnostic and at-least everyone with a mobile phone has access to SMS functionality. SMSONE offers a variety of services using SMS, these services range from SMS integration with the major networks in East Africa, online and Enterprise SMS Services to […]

Web Hosting

Given the number of cloud services we run off our infrastructure, SMSONE provides affordable website hosting services to small businesses. Our service offering includes reseller hosting where you can make money with your own web hosting business, VPS hosting where you have dedicated functionality for your website and dedicated server hosting, domain name registration at […]