Tailored Solutions for SMS Aggregation.

SMSONE offers tailored aggregation solutions to clients ranging from direct connection to our internetworking platform to low cost bulk SMS.

SMSONE has direct SMPP connections to the major operator networks in East Africa.

Aggregation services from us come with an API that one can use for integration into their application. The API has the following features:

  • – Two way SMS functionality
  • – Custom Sender IDs
  • – Delivery tracking of your SMS Campaign
  • – Fast SMS delivery

One can choose from HTTP to SMS, SMTP to SMS, SOAP, SMPP

SMSONE aggregation services come with a flexible payment plan depending on one’s requirements.

a) Premium Gateway

Through our aggregation services, one is able to charge for products and services offered in the East African Region. Our premium gateway gives one the ability to implement Premium SMS Services.  One can connect over VPN via SMPP or HTTP to our gateway.

b) SMS Gateway

Our SMS Gateway can also be accessed through our aggregation services. One is then able to offer tailored solutions via SMS to their clients. The SMS gateway can enable one to offer bulk SMS services to their clientale among other things like integrate SMS functionality within their application systems etc.

Our gateway service comes with 24/7 technical support, redundancy capabilities and high SLAs.

Built on the SMS Studio platform, our SMS Gateway enables you to exchange SMS messages with unlimited number of SMS entities. Various ways for exchanging messages are supported that include SMPP, EMI/UCP, HTTP, ODBC, Email and CSP.

More features offered by our SMS Gateway include:

  • – Multiple simultaneous connections
  • – Support for GSM mobile phones and modems
  • – Auto reconnect on lost connections
  • – Message traffic logging
  • – Real-time processing
  • – Easy integration with your external applications and databases with connection option that include HTTP, HTTPS and SMPP

Technical support with guarantee of 99.7% SLA

SMSONE offers short-code hosting services together with it’s aggregation services. These services include:

Hosting of Dedicated Short code

Here, we enable you acquire a dedicated short code and oversee it’s setup on all the major telecom networks.

Shared short code hosting

Here, we give you access to one of our short codes that you can use for your services. This lowers your costs of operation.